We like to get to know you, and then everything about your product/service. This is a chance for us to understand what your products and services are, and what type of results you would like to ultimately achieve with our collaboration. We promise to listen carefully and ask questions and will integrate materials that you find inspirational. In return, we will find creative and innovative ways to achieve and hopefully even surpass your expectations.







Once we know more about you, we will proceed to create a concept that can visually tell the story that you want to tell. During this period, we will conceptualize several brief scenarios for your consideration before crafting out a longer treatment/script that will highlight the key narrative and style.



As a production company that excels in producing content effectively and efficiently for the Digital Age, we know how to control our time and budgets to make IT work FABULOUSLY. Depending on the budget, we will put together the right equipment, cast, location, and storyline to work IT OUT.



We are a curious bunch and we love experiencing life. The more intense, the better. By this stage, we already know well what you would like us to achieve and we will come up with a concept and a script that will fulfill that goal, in our own distinct out-of-the-box/humorous way. We hope the final video will make your audiences laugh, cry, and, most importantly, REMEMBER your product. This is the power of storytelling and this is our key selling point.



We have worked with and hired hundreds of talents over the years. Therefore, we have amassed an extensive database of talents varying in age, look and personality to suit the needs of the storyline.







Once the pre-production has been locked down, we will begin our production. This is when and where we translate the script and storyboard into actual video footage. We are experienced in setting up and shooting quickly and properly to minimize the time and costs, without sacrificing the overall quality. Within one year, we have shot hundreds of videos under all types of weather conditions, locations, and with all types of talents in front and behind the camera. We enjoy very much this creative process and take pride in what we are doing for our clients.








Editing  is such an important part of storytelling, as it sifts through all the shot footages, often times out of time sequence, to re-constitute the originally intended storyline. Often times through the process of rough edit to the final edit, we are able to suggest an even better final product for the client, after adding all the enhancements such as music, sound effects, motion graphics and animation.







Social Media Distribution

We do not just hand you the final product and consider our job done. We excel in social media, and will work closely with you to make sure that the video gets the maximum exposure through our marketing, publicity, social media, and distribution efforts. We will consult to give online marketing strategies as well as platform recommendations to achieve the viral video effect. Our in-house analytical team excel in tracking video views, and finding the effective channels to reach out to intended target audiences. Ask us about our social platform and distribution channels. We look forward to hearing from you soon!